‘Spare only 15 minutes and save one life’


Simply Blood’ is World’s First virtual blood donation platform. Kiran Verma is a school dropout from Delhi, who had lost his mother due to cancer at the age of 7. Personal loss left a lasting impact on young Kiran’s mind and he left his white collar job as head corporate communications at Galgotias group to launch his social entrepreneurship venture in 2017.

Kiran Verma had lost his mom due to cancer at the age of seven. Her death was nothing to do with blood but that had left him alone. He had realized the meaning of losing someone close to you at a very young age. He took an oath that he will do something for mankind and just after turning 18 he started donating blood.

It was December 28, 2016 when Kiran had got a random call mentioning somebody needed blood at a hospital in Delhi. After donating blood Kiran thought of meeting the patient,but he couldn’t ,he met the patient’s wife and was shocked to that his blood was sold to her at 1500 INR which he donated it for free. Later he received that the person was a tout who was into unethical business.The same day he quit his job to take the initiative of launching an app on 29th January 2017.


Simply blood app is available on Google play store and non Android people could access the features from their website. A user needs to download and register as blood donor by choosing any date to donate blood. This App will track user’s location on the selected date and share the request within 10 kilometers from the user’s location. Simply blood will notify only the nearest possible needy on selected date by the user.

Simply blood has reached organically to 170 plus countries in less than 16 weeks and has been used by more than 7000+ users in more than 50 countries. It is one of the highest rated Android app for blood donation. Recently they were awarded “Social Entrepreneur of the year 2017” in India International CSR Conclave 2017 held at the PHD chambers of commerce.


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