“Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of thinking.”

Why Entrepreneurship?


Is it for me?

Entrepreneurship is a tool or mechanism that can be used to open the minds of individuals and organisations. It is the added-value of Creativity and Innovation which focuses on investing in human capital by enhancing and fostering the can-do attitude. It is not only business start-ups, SMEs, the profit and social enterprise sectors. Entrepreneurship is ‘an individual’s ability to turn Ideas into Action’ and its value to society cannot be underestimated or dismissed.

“There is no substitute in life if you want freedom and independence.”

Entrepreneurship includes:

  • creativity, innovation and risk taking
  • ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives
  • support in daily life at home and in society
  • employees being aware of the context of their work
  • being able to seize opportunities
  • a foundation for more specific skills and knowledge needed in establishing social or commercial activity

To address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality, globalisation and climate change the benefits of entrepreneurship must be shared, with Ideas being turned into Actions.

The economies, the wealth creation, the employment markets and the future of the planet reside in the hands of entrepreneurs – those capable, innovative, driven individuals and organisations that can effect change and make things happen.

We believe that through communication, commitment and conscience we can create a community which speaks with one voice. Our community will share, inspire, mentor, support and celebrate. It will have the power to influence and transform relevant policy for the good of all entrepreneurs across the globe. If you are willing to contribute, happy to share, want to create a fairer society, and want to create and share wealth, then you’ve come to the right place.

Social benefits – Envoys can network to improve their own social conditions as well as those of others. Working to create enabling environments and fight inequalities, their contributions and collective dedication can support health, housing, education, living standards and the social dimensions of all in the global society, whilst creating wealth and celebrating success.

Economic benefits – Envoys can use the network to share ideas with others, to promote their products or to attract funds. They can also identify organisations and individuals who can help or mentor them. But as with the social benefits, the economic benefits that can be gained by changing the enabling environment can have gains for all in the global society.

Environmental benefits – Envoys are ‘virtual’ and work in the most environmentally friendly way possible. But they also need to be present to promote issues direct to policy makers, education and the media. The green economy and climate change mitigation is being worked on fastest and most efficiently at the grass roots level and a serious dimension of the Envoys commitment is to support this sector as there is only one planet!

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of thinking.”

Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of thinking. It’s about understanding risk and opportunity, creative thinking, openness to innovation and it requires skill. Entrepreneurs instinctively ‘get’ collaboration; over time most develop sound business acumen and refine the art of negotiation.

Entrepreneurship should not be confined to the ‘starting of a business’. It isn’t in itself job creation. Job creation is the output of entrepreneurial endeavour, and rightly so in this economic climate. Giving a young person an income and entrepreneurial skills means radically increasing their ability to realise their future potential as a business owner or an employee.

Let’s remember that cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, especially among young people, creates a movement of enterprising and flexible employees too, and both industry and society should support all young people that decide to try (and fail) their hand at being an entrepreneur. There’s no downside, especially if we recognise the skills and self-efficacy it takes to go on this particular journey.

Businesses can do a lot to foster a culture of entrepreneurship. Firstly they can recognise intrapreneurship, and actively recruit young people based on their potential to be internal changemakers. They should look to open up their supply chains or invest in small businesses, this can be done through simplification of the procurement process or open innovation challenges set up specifically for entrepreneurial ventures.


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