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In a world where everyone is looking for steady and quick source of income; Entrepreneurs are the one who evolve the way we conceive things and simultaneously grow their venture in the process of developing the world as a whole, making world a better place to live.

To tell entrepreneurship means setting up a venture, taking financial risks in the hope of profit. It is a boon for creative people. People who love taking calculated risks and by that I mean understanding the possible outcomes a situation may create.

Everyone would be like why an entrepreneur. For me being entrepreneur means creating the change we want to see in world around us. You all know why entrepreneurs are respected? One might think because of their money, power and fame. Not because of any of these. Actually they are respected because of their path-breaking offerings in the form of new goods and services. All this results in new areas of employment and simultaneously boost in existing genre of employment which in turn works for the economy of the nation.

So whom you can look up to as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can do anything to make their idea a reality. It means he/she must have a passion for it and not just mere interest. There is a major difference between interests and passion in life; interests are negotiable while passion is not. And under pressure, interests always become weak whereas passion becomes stronger.

So my word for every budding entrepreneur out there. Do not chase money, chase your vision. As from life, I have learnt that when you have a crystal clear vision, like why you want to do it. You would surely find the will and also the way to do it. And also the money would pour as a by-product and the way you give back to society as they have given you from the instant you were born. ALL THE BEST!!!


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