Gapagap:  Chatar Patar 

Gapagap:  Chatar Patar 

The story basically is related to a person namely Prashant Kulkarni who was working in Infosys. As this story begins when Prashant went to roadside vendor to eat a pani -puri .Literally, after that he was sick .This prompted him to look after the hygienic of pani puri. Because of that road sided food, he didn’t eat his favourite food for months. There was no brand selling this popular snack. Seeing this issue, he thought about the brand of the Pani Puri and launch ‘Gapagap’.

Now it is regarded as the India’s first brand of Pani Puri.

Today under his venture Chatar Patar, he and is his team members manages Gapagap as well as several other products like 80 types of bhel, 27 types of chaats and pohas, etc. Chatar Patar sells Pani Puri in 112 different flavours.

Prashant Kulkarni realized very early on that taking up a job was not his cup of tea and he set out to “create his own universe” in October 2011. A strong believer in entrepreneurship, Prashant got his million dollar idea unfortunately through the bad experience through which he has faced the health issue for almost four months.

Since it has been launch, it is rapidly growing day by day in India, and which Chatar patar is tied up with the big bazaars, places like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan and has franchisees across this region.

This story is basically about the entrepreneur, Prashant Kulkarni, who faced issues when he ate road sided food which was not of any brand.  So having courage to start a new start-up business he crossed many hurdles in his life. Having a great idea no one took an initiative towards his thought and neglected  it .But he manage to come out of his  problems and found a team which was in his favour  and managed to build a brand of Chatar Patar. And now it is first brand to start for snacks like pani puri and chaat, etc.


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