February 23, 2017


The purpose of E-Cell DMCE since its establishment has been to inspire more and more students to take up Entrepreneurship as a Career and become the role models for the coming generation of entrepreneurs from DMCE, to help the budding engineers of the institution realise their dreams of establishing their own start-ups, aiding them in conceptualising and executing their plans by fine-tuning their strategy and bring them on platform where they can interact with the industry and hence further hone their enterprising skills, to build a big network of student enterprises from DMCE and facilitate interaction with entrepreneurs, incubators, seed funds and angel investors all over India and support them in all their endeavours.

save the date blue background (1) The flagship event of Ecell DMCE, ENSPIRE 2018 is the culmination of the year long entrepreneur spirit of the group. Here we invite Speakers who are the master of their game to share the insight on the journey and quirks that made the difference between their success and failure .Often for the young entrepreneur, the hardest step is first one. This years theme explores the process of mutating the dreamer’s idea into a doer’s reality. Personalities ranging from TEDx speaker Gaurang Shetty to NatGeo and Yahoo Travel featured Travel Bloggers Sandeepa & Chetan Karkhanis will share the niches of their field, the situations they faced and how they made their dreams into reality.

Highlights of The Event:

  • Innovation/Ideation in Startup.
  • Incubators and accelerators .
  • Starting up an IT firm.
  • Age as an asset.
  • Young age Entrepreneurship.
  • Viral content creation.
  • Power of Social Media.

Speaker’s Detail:

1)Mr Smitesh More (Founder – Zoof Softwares, Co-Founder and CEO – NiteAppetite)

2 (1)Mr Smitesh More is an alumni of Datta Meghe College of Engineering. As an Entrepreneur, he has founded Zoof Software Solutions which offers website development, SEO, mobile application development.

He is the co-founder and CEO of NiteAppetite. In order to satisfy late night food cravings of students, workers, employees and others who work in late night shifts, he decided to fill this gap and start a midnight food delivery system that would deliver fresh food at customers’ doorsteps from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. The venture took off with an initial investment of Rs. 2,000 towards printing 500 copies of the NiteAppetite brochure and it has received angel investment of more than 6.5 Million Rupees.

He is an inspiration for all the engineers who are aspiring entrepreneurs and are ready to explore different fields to fill the gaps in the system.


2)MR. Saurabh Sinha (Founder & Managing Partner at REIN Labs, Co-Founder of Contexio and Retail Tao)


A serial social entrepreneur, Saurabh is passionate about rekindling the spirit of Innovation in people to enable them solve social challenges.Through REIN Labs, he and his team are focused on partnering individuals and organizations in their Research, Innovation and Incubation pursuits. To foster an environment of innovation and research at an early age in children, they are partnering a network of colleges in Navi Mumbai to run their incubation cells with a focused syllabus. They are deeply involved in helping potential entrepreneurs move their ideas to a minimum viable product stage.Some of the sectors he and his team support are Education, Farming, IOT, Dairy, Fine arts of India.

In his work ex of over 18 years spanning manufacturing and e-commerce, Saurabh set up the Digital Retail Solutions practice for Ugam and Datamatics. He has incubated some of the leading Merchandising analytics platforms, Digital marketing tools and Digital content solutions and that have been used widely in the e-commerce industry in the US. He has worked closely with Merch ops, Digital marketing and Analytics teams of Target, ebay, Walmart, Staples, Sears, GAP, Williams Sonoma, Office Depot, Office Max, Costco and Home Depot to name a few. He started his career in Electrical cable manufacturing and was part of Cable Corporation of India’s New products team in launching House-wires as a consumer product.He is involved in working on a number of social projects and takes deep interest in anything that can help build capability in people and society to self drive change. Saurabh has a degree in Electrical Engineering from SPCE.


3)MR. Gaurang Shetty (CEO at RIIDL, Mumbai Head for Facebook DevCircles)

3 (1)

Meet Gaurang Shetty, the Chief Innovation Catalyst and CEO at Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratory (RiiDL). After completing his engineering and MBA, he went on to become a certified Fabguru from Fab foundation, MIT USA.

He has also successfully set up Mumbai’s first FabLab and India’s first DIY Bio Lab which is aided by CBA-MIT USA. He has acheived the Change-maker recognition from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2015. He is currently leading the Facebook Developer Circles Community for Mumbai and this is only a couple of patents that he is accredited of!




4)Sandeepa Karkhanis and Chetan Karkhanis (NatGeo and Yahoo Travel featured Travel Bloggers at sandeepachetan.com)


Sandeepa and Chetan are travelers from Mumbai, living the life of their dreams. Sandeepa is an Electronics Engineer who designed circuits and is now the writer for the blog. Chetan worked in digital media for almost 12 years and is now the photographer for the blog.

Their love for travel and nature was one of the reasons they were drawn to each other. They used to travel to lesser known offbeat places on long weekends or holidays. The dream to travel long-term was always there – only pushed ahead to “sometime in the future”.

Until one day, when they decided not to wait till getting older. They quit there jobs, sold our house and started exploring travel and photography as a way of life. That is how their travel and photography journey started.

They are among the top travel bloggers in India. Their photos have so far featured in publications like the National Geographic. Yahoo Travel wrote about them and their travel stories in the Daily Nomad feature on their website.



5)Miss. Mansi Thakkar (Motivational Speaker and Startup trainer)

1 (2)

‘A dynamic young professional with Training as a focal endeavour in contributing to people’s growth, personal development and organisational progress”

Pursued IT Engineering as Education , Mansi is an Inspirational Speaker , Trainer , Coach and a lifelong learner. Having won numerous accolades in the field of Training and Development , she firmly believes that Personal Growth leads to Professional Growth.

She is a Startup Mentor who instills how psychology can help in scaling start-ups to the next best level along with innovative strategies.

A true learner Mansi preaches that learning is an ongoing lifelong process as she continues to expand her horizons and enables countless people to do same.




    Entry fess INR 100/-*

                 (Refreshments and Participation Certificates will be Provided)